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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bees and Haiku

Bees are the pollinators of our gardens. Lately the bee population has diminished all around California. Encourage them to visit by planting California blackberries ( Rubis ursinus) and herbs such as Lavender, Mints, Rosemay and Basil. Don't forget to add a Bee Balm plant ( Monarda didyma) This member of the Mint family can be used in the herb garden, smells very sweet, and takes full sun to half shade. You'll breathe yummy scents when you sit outside this Spring and the bee population will increase. Hurrah!

Heres's a Haiku poem written by James Hacket about bees.

"Loud frantic buzzing:
a bumblebee emptying
a web laced with dew "

And the answer to the best watering temperature for seedlings from my experiment is 70 degrees F........

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