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Friday, April 25, 2008

Angels and Gardens

Have you ever created an angel garden? A friend gave me an angel statue that was placed under one of the magestic Redwoods on the patio. Blue stepping stones- each with a Calla Lily in the center- an Asparagus Plumosa Fern and a small birdbath were positioned around the angel. I planted Star Jasmines for their heavenly scent and the recently germinated Moonflowers. Just imagine the flowers illuminating the angel garden in the evening as the sweet night air fills our senses with joy! Thank God for our two beautiful daughters-they are our angels on earth!

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Terra Hangen said...

Your angle garden sounds like a beautiful dream. My moonflowers have not germinated yet, so I live in hope.
You can borrow "My soul to keep", if you want.

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