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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reflections of God's Holy Land- Book Review

I have the honor of reviewing a special book titled "Reflections of God's Holy Land" written by two women, Eva Marie Everson and Miriam Feingold Vamosh. Eva is a Christian and Miriam follows the Jewish religion. They both bring a unique perspective to this lovely book published by Thomas Nelson.I discovered the book to be an inspiring faith based trek up the hills and down into the deserts of the Holy Land with two incredibly, knowledgable Biblical thinkers.The depth of their faith is apparent on every page.
The book is divided into sections beginning with sacred scripture. Pictures reveal the topography, climate and geographic features of this ancient land. I appreciated the historial information found on the "Did you know?" pages and the "Reflections" pages quite insightful.Just imagine Jesus spending 40 days and nights in the desert tempted by the devil. Travel the man-made trail to the great, crumbling fortress of Masada. Marvel at the sacrifice of the early Chistians when faced down by the Romans. They literally gave up their lives for their belief in God!
Stark images of eroded hills are contrasted with hidden green meadows and palm silhouetted horizons.The photography illuminates the spiritual light of this wild land. The Reflections pages are a place to pause on this faith journey and ask ourselves how would we respond to the challenges faced by our biblical ancestors? Historical stories are masterfully interwoven with the photos.I felt the rough cobbles traveling down to the old wells and heard the tinkling waters.I marveled at the deep faith of the people of the Holy Land.I continue to seek the spiritual well to quench my thirst for God's grace much as the ladies drawing water for their loved ones did long ago. I would recommend you take this journey for yourself and buy one book for yourself and more for your loved ones. Terry Haugen

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