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Friday, January 23, 2009

Bareroot Planting

Last Saturday was unusually warm for January. The thermometer registered about 68 in the sun.The sky was a cerulean blue and my hands started itching to plant something in the moist earth. "How about we get a bareroot peach I asked my husband?" Trouble is we would have to travel about ten miles to get to the nearest garden center and neither of us was into driving. After all it was Saturday and we were feeling lazy. Trace had an idea! "I'll call Richard in San Jose and ask him to pick up a bareroot peach for us at Home Depot." Richard answered the phone from Starbucks and said he'd take a look for us. The next thing I know, Richard had bought us a tree and a bag of good manure and driven all the way up to the mountains to deliver it to us! What a guy. He refused to take any money and all we could do was marvel at his kindness. Now that's a good friend with a great heart. The bareroot peach is called a "Red Haven Peach" It should have medium sized fruit and is considered one of the best tasting peaches. We planted it Sunday and I can see it from my bedroom. It should be very lovely when it's larger and in bloom.I discovered a cool website: Trees of Antiquity that sells heirloom trees and berries.

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Terra said...

Hey Dr. W.,
You have a great friend to provide you with a gorgeous peach tree.
Well done,
S. Holmes, esq.

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