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Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Blessings

My birthday falls in June along with my husband, two daughters, grandson, sister and Tankene, my new kitty. It is a crazy month. The first part of the month began like this: my dear friends suprised me with gifts on my desk at work, a yummy lunch, more gifts, and my family had a surprise party Friday evening. Here's a note I wrote my friend explaining some of the details:
Good afternoon Sunshine, It sure was great to share some laughs and food last Friday! Many thanks for the dazzling blue pottery and the pink forget-me-nots, so -exquisite- I planted my reluctant-to-bloom, Christmas Cactus in my new pot with lots of rich soil. Did anyone hear my 911 message I sent out over the windwaves on Sat.? "Help Sunshine- I am working too hard in my garden." I over worked my hands and back and ended on a heating pad Sunday evening-ahh--as for the "surprise " party on Friday evening, Trace cleaned the house and made delicious chicken, my girls decorated the house, complete with balloons, butterflies, and sparkles. Blake blew up balloons and put sparkles in some mystery balloons- I had to "guess" which balloons had the sparkles inside, stomp on the balloon and collect the sparkles. Blake ended up throwing sparkles into my garden-- so one morning I may see a little flash of light and "Voila" a tiny sparkle will light my way! My winner's prize was a corn plant! What a blessing to have such loving friends and family! I really had a Happy Birthday.



cinnamongirl said...

I love Barry cause I am a lover of beauty, and with you beauty always reigns supreme,

Terra said...

Thanks for letting us in on how the party went. It sounds like you had lots of grand celebrations and with all those June birthdays you can rest for the rest of the year.
If Blake threw sparkles in your garden and you see one, look closely, it might be a garden fairy.

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