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Monday, November 9, 2009

Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook

Thomas Nelson kindly let me review this cookbook and I get to keep the cookbook for free!

The " Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennesse Cookbook" by Lynne Tolley & Pat Mitchamore is full of great southern recipes. Here's some of the titles, just to tickle your fancy:" Uncle Jacks Red Dogs, Country-fried Corn,and Intoxicated Chicken." Included with these delicious recipes are historical pictures and old time wisdom. Have you ever wondered how to kill a hog? Read " Hog Killing Time in Tennessee"? Mr. Erskine H. Early describes " The way it was done when I was a lad." Granted I am a generation from the farm but this explains a childhood remembrance of a time long gone for most of us. Another recipe that made me hoot was "Possum and Sweet Taters ".I don't think I would want to try that recipe since I like Possums but the story is like reading B'er Rabbit or another tale of southern myth or legend. Since I enjoy ham, I was interested in the story "How to cook a country ham." How could I resist these tantalizing " Sinfully Good Roast Pork?","Country-Style Steak and Gravy and how about "Tennesse Holler-Puff." This book is not for vegetarians or whiskey haters. Wonderfully interesting stories and yummy recipes. I really enjoyed reading this cookbook and I bet you would enjoy it too.

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