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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back to Bees

Last month I mentioned that the bee population is diminishing. Today I read an article by Juliana Burbassa and learned over 30% of commercially managed hives have been lost this year. Gardeners, our bees are so important for pollination that we can not afford to lose anymore. Plant a bee loving plant this May and help keep our bees buzzing around the yard. Ceonothus ( Mountain Lilac) is covering the hillsides now and is a native, drought-resistant plant to add to your garden. There are many varieties to choose from such as "Julia Phelps" that can attract bees and offer a hazy mist of flowers for your gazing pleasure.


Terra Hangen said...

Happy Mothers Day, Terri
I agree with you, I love bees and welcome them when they appear.
One year recently when our semi-wild blackberries were in full flower, I was awed by the bees quietly and peacefully visiting them.
Ceanothus are ideal and pretty plants and you can plant them to grow to various heights, which is nice.

Trace & Terri said...

Thanks Terra for your comment. How right about the bees and blackberries. They grow wild in the Santa Cruz Mountains and are so yummy to eat. Last summer Blake and I picked a pail full and then made Blackberry Cobbler. Try that with some Ice cream for a delicious treat.

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