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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spiders: the Wonder Workers

Cleaning twenty-three windows on our two-story home in the Santa Cruz Mountains got me thinking about the winter storms and spiders. Spiders created wonderous webs to catch all manner of insects in the corners of each window. Inside and out there were silky threads woven in many delicate patterns. Please remember that our spiders kill many damaging insects and be careful before wiping out their homes. Slow down, observe their magic, and lightly escort them to an outdoor space that needs a defender. They work!


Terra Hangen said...

Hi Terri,
Like you, I have saved many a spider I find in my house, by moving them outdoors.
Spider webs with drops of dew on them are mighty works of art. I know many spiders don't spin webs, but in my garden they are welcome.

MamaBird said...

We save spiders too - in fact, i was getting one off our stroller yesterday so it wouldn't crawl on the toddler and my 5 year old shrieked "MOM! Don't hurt the spider! You should let it BE where it WANTS to be!" Heh heh. Tx for stopping by the blog; looking fwd to reading long distance about your gardening efforts.

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