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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weed and Feed

Have you ever done something and been amazed by your result? It may sound simplistic but reading the instructions are crucial before applying any fertilizer. I have a good friend who spent hours creating organic soil for his vegetables. He gathered coffeegrinds and ashes and mixed them with some fine humus. The vegetable seeds were carefully selected and an array of wonderful seedlings established. In one of those moments we all like to forget, he decided
to add some commercial fertilizer. He did not plan on adding "Weed and Feed" a fertilizer for lawns that includes a weed killer. Ooops! Let us just quietly pray that the vegetables will overcome this setback because my friend is feeling pretty low today about this unintentional blooper. A gentle reminder to all of us:
" read the instructions and fine print before adding fertilizer to the garden! "

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