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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Magical Midsummer's Eve

Midsummer Day was celebrated on June 24th in honor of St. John the Baptist who baptized our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Festivals were held to enjoy the warmer days and nights. Some whispered that if women plucked seven different varieties of wildflowers and tucked them under their soft pillows, visions of future loves would color their dreams. Young people would dress up in folk costumes and go out dancing, drinking, and singing until the wee hours of the evening. It was a night when water was turned into wine and the angels watched over the faithful. Religious folks might visit a holy spring to give praise to St. John the Baptist. Many considered Midsummer's Day Eve an auspicious time to wed. Do you have plans to acknowledge this special day?


Terra Hangen said...

I didn't know about the significance of this date; maybe I will remember next year. Thanks for sharing this.
That looks like Stonehenge in the photo. My husband and I rented a camper and spent the evening right there at Stonehenge years ago.
Powerful vibes from those stones.

Trace & Terri said...

It is a picture of Stonehenge. How cool it must have been to sleep by the stones!

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