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Friday, June 27, 2008

Mighty Bee's Great Escape

Mighty Bee, the tiniest of baby bees, flew into the Big House and landed on the window screen. The window was open and the Jasmine vine was full of lovely scented flowers, wafting into the room. Mighty buzzed around trying to make his escape but alas! little Mighty was stuck and scared. He tried to make a Big Buzz but quiet baby bee buzzing is all he could muster.Trace heard the soft buzzing and came over to the window to investigate. There was Mighty, trying to be brave but starting to lose his courage. Trace understood his plight, put out his finger, and little Mighty Bee crawled to safety. Steady Mighty Bee soon you'll be free and sure enough Trace opened the door and gingerly set Mighty down. He scampered onto the flower and felt the soft velvet petunia blossum underneath his baby bee feet. Soon he was sipping the sweet nectar and the dark memory of the Big House dimmed. Mighty Bee was finally safe!

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