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Monday, August 11, 2008

Saving Seeds

Have you ever noticed that seeds are fascinating! You hold a tiny seed in your hand that may grow into a fabulous flower or a delicious vegetable. The seed already "knows" that it is a marigold or a squash. The gardener nurtures the seed and provides all the essentials for growth. One day the seed has grown into a two foot marigold complete with yellow flowers and the squash is curling delicately up your trellis, blooming large and orange, begging the bees to enter. What magic we hold in our hands when we plant our seeds! Faith grows like that tiny seed ... as we feed our longing for Jesus with prayer and reflection. Faith, hope , charity and love are the nutrients to nourish our souls. Sometimes our tears are the water that nurtures us and other times our sunny joy lightens up the darkness. Spend some time today in quiet contemplation of the power contained in a tiny seed.


cinnamongirl said...

My yes even the shabbiest seed can transform into the most glorius flower or edible food. As someone once said sic Don't fret if your work is hard and gains are few for the mighty oak was once a nut like you

cinnamongirl said...

well I must say that I have had very good luck in saving seeds. my sweet peas are blooming but there is a white powdery dotty thing on them what to do?

Sparkles said...

Dear Cinnamongirl, it sounds like Powdery mildew. Use a soap spray in the morning and see is this helps. Try to avoid getting the leaves wet. Good luck! Sparkles

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