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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sly The Kitten

My kitten, Sly, was sick and diagnosed with Lymphoma or FIP. We prayed, our friends and family prayed and after two weeks...his blood test came back normal. He's eating and playing his normal kitty games. Thanks be to Jesus. Please keep up the prayers because it is a miracle he's doing so well!


Terra Hangen said...

I have not met Sly, but I love him as I have heard about his antics, and it is so good to hear that he is healing.
He is so pretty, from his photos, and has an incredibly fluffy tail.

Sparkles said...

Sly is doing better and seems to be healed now.

Sparkles said...

Sly suffered a setback on Sept. 9th. He was breathing rapidly 90 breaths per minute. The vet gave him another shot of Prednisone and he seems better. What a worry seeing such a beautiful baby suffer!

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