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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Autumn Joy

Aug. 21st marks the beginning of the last month of "official" summer. What a wonderful time to plant for Fall's flowers. One of my top favorites is "Autumn Joy" Sedum from the genus Stonecrop. No, the plants don't literally grow out of the stone but you will often see them in the rock garden and used for border plantings. If you want to attract butterflies and bees, plant in partial shade to full sun and savor the warm colors of pink, red orange and yellow when the Sedum blossoms. The leaves are succulent and you may break off a piece and plant it right in the soil to grow more plants. One additional benefit is it dies back in the cold of winter only to emerge again in Spring. So try this plant as you begin thinking about Fall flowers. Truly it will live up to the name " Autumn Joy!"

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