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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sept. Flowers

Ahh the Fairy Flowers! This is the special name my daughter, Colleen, and I gave to the flowers when we first grew them in our garden. An English lady, Mrs. Batcabe, gave some plants to my husband, Trace, to plant in our garden. The next spring they were popping up everywhere. Bees, butterflies and the joyful hummingbirds loved the nectar. What a delightful treat to watch the tiny dances of the hummingbirds. Shimmering, green feathers and whirring wings!
This plant is known as a "Touch -me -not" because the seeds explode when ripe, scattering in all directions. I have also heard the flower called an "English Impatiens " but the true name is Impatiens Balfourri hook. Here's a great picture created by Paul Berry for the Wisconsin State Herbarium.

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