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Friday, October 17, 2008

Falls Fiery Colors

My favorite tree for Fall color is the Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum). This tree goes through a transition from the soft green of Spring to the flaming yellows and oranges of Autumn. I am blessed with four of these beauties and each one has a slightly different hue even though they are the same genus. My oldest tree is 32 years old and it lives in a custom wooden box my husband created. The largest is one I planted from a baby and now it has spread to almost reach my kitchen window. God has given us so many free blessings like these fiery colors of Fall. What is your favorite for Fall color?

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Terra Hangen said...

Your Japanese maples sound gorgeous.
Fall color, hmmm, I planted some Nandina (False Bamboo) but it is kind of tiny and hidden.
I admire the Sweet Gums along our city streets, and like you, appreciate fiery fall colors.

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