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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sly Update

My pretty Sly, died peacefully last Tuesday and I have felt so grief stricken. I look for my boy at the top of the stairs, by his window, sleeping with Chubby, jumping up on my chair, scratching at my oak cabinets, and he is gone. I couldn't write. My wise husband told me to go to church Saturday and the peace and comfort of Jesus helped.Even our Priest found a special Pet Prayer. Sly is a kitty angel now. My other cats are doing a wonderful job of loving me as well as the kind wishes of friends and family. Our oncologist even sent a syympathy note.Thanks to all for your comfort. I met many lovely people on the Feline-Lymphoma Caregiver's List who are still battling this aggressive disease.Sending blessings their way and wishes for a cure for Blood Diseases like Lymphoma and Leukemia.

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Terra Hangen said...

You are kind to share your memories of Sly with us. He sounds like he was a sweetheart, and so gorgeous.
How sweet that your priest found a kitty poem for you.

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