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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb. Dream Gardens

My dear gardening friend, Sunshine, and I picked our dream plants today over coffee. They are Forsythia, Lilacs in pink, purple, and white, the Snowball Bush, and lots of Wysteria draping through the lath house. These are all plants that remind us of our youth and other gardens in long ago time. Aye we were a wee bit wistful for those days of yore and the special people who tended our dream gardens so lovingly. Jesus thanks for all the flowers you let us enjoy. I forgot to add cherry trees to the dream garden.The cherry buds are almost ready to burst into bloom - so enjoy this picture of last year's glory and the blessings of the flowers of Spring.

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Terra said...

Sunshine says hi, and yes, we two do love to garden dream.
We also tend to buy those plants and get some of them to grow. My favorites all grew in my mother's garden in Wisconsin, and here I am in California, so it is sometimes a challenge.
Our Creator is so good to give us so many flowers to admire and grow.

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