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Monday, February 9, 2009

Norwegian Forest Kittens

Our gorgeous, black, feral kitten Sly died last Oct. from Lymphoma. What a terrible disease!Our house seemed so quiet without Sly.Crazy as it seemed we decided we needed another kitten to brighten up our home. Trace insisted on a Norwegian Forest cat since he thought Sly exhibited some of the characteristics of this unique cat breed.
I searched the Web looking for Norwegian Forest kittens and found the perfect kitten. He was called Vishnu and he lived far away but his lovely gold eyes spoke to me. The Sangha Cattery in Hermosa Beach specialized in white Norwegian Forest kittens and this 4 month old was up for sale. I never intended buying a kitten since all of my cats were rescue kittens but his golden eyes and pink ears endeared him to me from the start.After some haggling and emails back and forth, his "mama" Melissa agreed to deliver him to my home the following weekend. Vishnu quietly slept in her lap driving from the LA area, refusing to sleep in the cat carrier.When I saw the SUV pull down the driveway, I excitedly ran out to the car. Vishnu stared up at me with those golden eyes and that was it!What a sweet boy! He was so fluffy and white! So now we are the proud owners of Tankene Ice Mist, a registered NFC.
What a personality! Some of his games are chasing Sinatra, our Tuxedo cat,attacking Mr. Chub, our Ginger Tabby, or chasing his tail for five mintes after his bath. Yes these kittens like water. He has "fallen" in the bath two or three times. Last week end he actually took a bath with Trace. Good thing he likes baths because with all the white hair he needs one. So here's pictures of Sly and Tankene Ice Mist.All of my cats have been blessings and brought me so much joy. Does your cat like water too?

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