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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just what every home needs: a white mouse!

Blake came to spend the night with his Nona and Popo. Every visit was special and seemed to end up with some wonderful adventure. Blake loved lizards and Popo told him a lizard was hiding under a planter box. Blake and Nona lifted up the box and the lizard scampered off. Blake continued to search, telling Nona "Come on Nona, let's find that lizard!" The lizard hid in some brown leaves but Blake caught him barehanded. Nona had never seen the beautiful Blue-Belly lizard. the lizard was fairly small and had a gorgeous set of blue stripes on his belly.
Oh boy that was all Blake talked about for the rest of the day. Nona, Popo and Blake put the lizard in an empty 50 gallon aquarium.The sun was warm and all three sat on the patio and "watched" the lizard. Blake rubbed the lizard's tummy. " Nona I rubbed his tummy because it helped the lizard sleep." Around 5:00 the weather turned cool, everyone went inside the house but Blake checked on the lizard until nightfall.First thing Sunday morning, Blake ran upstairs to see the lizard. It was still in the aquarium. He really wanted to take it home but his Mom and Dad said "no". Sunday,after Blake went home, Nona and Popo drove to the pet store to buy the lizard some food. Popo returned with crickets and a paper bag. Nona said " What is in the bag?" Something was something trying to get out of the bag. It was a white mouse.Popo said the mouse was oblivous to the fact he was food for a Python. All his other mouse friends were huddled together frightened but this little mouse was happily playing away. Once they got home, Popo set the lizard free and put the white mouse outdoors in the aquarium. Trouble was the temperature dropped to 40 degrees overnight and Nona was afraid the mouse would die from the cold. So Nona and Popo bought a fancy cage with a wheel and a condo that looks like a spaceship for the mouse, food, bedding and spent $62.00 for a $2.00 white mouse with pink eyes. Tuesday morning, the indoor cats could not believe their eyes...... There was a tiny mouse playing on his mouse wheel in a colorful cage on top of the microwave.The Norwegian Forest cat,Tankene, jumped up and opened the microwave door trying to get to the mouse. Sinatra and Mr. Chubs proweled the kitchen. Since Popo was still asleep, Nona put the the cage in the bar and shut the door. What will happen next?

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Terra said...

This is a great story and a fortunate mouse.
I will come back to read the next installment.
Blake has such sweet adventures with his madcap (madcap meaning fun) grandparents, and I know he is enjoying every minute he spends catching lizards and petting their tummies.

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