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Monday, May 4, 2009

Read and share DVD Bible

I finally had a chance to review the Read and Share DVD Bible from Thomas Nelson. Here are 13 stories from the Bible told in a gentle and loving way by the various narrators. The background music is so soothing that I found myself nodding off a bit but that's probably because it was Sunday afternoon. Children from babies up to about five years old will enjoy hearing the stories from the Old and New Testament. The stories are told in such a way that children will probably understand scripture better than some adults. I especially like the Story of Noah with all the animals of the world pairing up two by two for the voyage of forty days and nights. I got a sense of the enormous task poor old Noah took on to please God.I also like "Mary's Big Surprise" about when the angel came down to give her the news she was going to be pregnant with the son of God. What a dilemma! How would she say yes to God and explain the news to her husband to be, Joseph? Good thing Joseph also got a visit from an angel or he might have been an real angry man. I am looking forward to sharing this DVD with my grandson and would heartily recommend it to parents and grandparents of young children.


Terra said...

Hi Sparkles,
What fun to review the DVD, and to look forward to sharing it.
How are your new blueberry plants? I bought one today and other goodies too, including a galvanized steel sprinkling can.

Sparkles said...

Hi Sunshine I love the blueberry plants but I have to check to let you know the two different kinds.( I forgot!) Sparkles

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