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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Blake spent most of the Memorial Day Weekend with Nona and Popo. They were a bit hesitant to tell him "Mousey" had died but according to Blake, " Mousey was just sleeping". Popo said " Blake, Mousey is dead. Do you want to feel him?" Blake told his Popo " Yes" and to his dismay, Blake discovered Mousey was indeed stiff but insisted Mousey was asleep. Some time later, Thursday evening, Popo and Blake buried Mousey in the soil around the Hebe bush near Sly.
Friday Popo took Blake to the pet store and asked Blake if he wanted another mouse. Blake replied " No, Popo I want some crickets!" Popo paid 9 cents apiece and bought 6 crickets for Blake. Blake, Nona and Popo enjoyed the cricket's song all day and night.Tankene, the big white cat, couldn't understand what happened to his sweet " Mousey." He really missed him but was fascianted by the hopping crickets. The crickets were the size of a quarter and jumped all over the cage. Blake scrunched his face up to the cage and imagined that the crickets could turn Mousey's wheel.
Sunday morning Blake's Moma and Daddy arrived early, gathered up all of Blake's clothes and took Blake back home. Nona and Popo decided to listen to the crickets lovely chirping song one more night because it reminded them of the sounds of summer campouts when they were young. Monday evening the crickets were still singing. Nona set the crickets free out by the compost pile and cleaned out Mousey's cage. What adventures Nona and Popo have with Blake!

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cinnamongirl said...

What is next are you going to start a boy band called the creekside crickets starring Mo the mouse

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