MaaMaa & Tankene

Friday, May 22, 2009


A picture of Sly at 6 months old.

Our sweet little Mousey passed away last night. Blake and Nona looked inside the cage and Mousey was "sleeping". At least that's what Blake thought. Trace and Blake buried Mousey last night by the light of the moon near our beloved "Sly's" grave. How ironic for a black kitten and a tiny white mouse to spend eternity together! We all felt very sad about Mouse's death because he was such a playful little guy.Tankene had finally quit harrassing Mousey. Now we have an empty cage and a little sad place in our hearts. We said a little prayer for our Mousey and hope he is with Sly and Jesus.


Terra said...

How sweet to think of Mousey and Sly being with Jesus. Does Tankene look for Mousey?

Sparkles said...

Tankene has been acting lonely ever since Mousey's death.Now with the Crickets gone all he has left are the three goldfish. Last week Tankene jumped up on top of the aquarium to try and get the fish but fortunately I caught him and shut him out of the room.

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