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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Five Words

Terra over at shared a game where you get five words from her and I respond to the words. Here I go:
why? Why is there such turmoil between nations? Why do people let their dogs bark ?Why are there so many public service ads on the radio!
cottage: My home is a cottage and place of refreshing refuge where I renew myself.The floors slope and the doors creak but there is a contented, warmth in my cottage.
cat: Living with cats means trying to see life from their vantage point. Get down on the floor or climb up on the fence whatever it takes to see their point of view. My cats are sparring lately.BlackJack tries to eat Diamond's food and Keiko the neighbor's cat tries to eat Diamond's food.I stand between them so she has a full belly. They are bad boys.Tankene Ice Mist has manners and eats his food but Mr. Chub has to be put in a separate room so he won't gorge. Princess Sinatra is a dainty eater.I guess I am thinking about feeding my cats today!
popcorn: memories of sitting in the dark, rocking in the loge seats at the Garden Theater in Willow Glen with the butter dripping on your hands as you scoop up more yummy popcorn.I see a cowboy movie on the screen and notice the high velvet drapes on either side of the screen.This was a fancy place to go on a Saturday afternoon and so much fun.
rain: pitter on the roof starting like a twinkle, growing, booming thunder and snapping branches, earth moist and smelling sweet. I love the first rains and the wild rains of the mountains.The redwoods flourish all around my cottage because of the rain.


Terra said...

You did so well with your five words and I love your description of your cottage, and of rain.
It sounds like some of your kitties have not learned to share (ha ha).

Becca's Dirt said...

I like the five words you received. I like your first one - Why? I don't have any cats but my Little Buddy likes to bark at them as they stroll by the living room window. Those cats know that he cannot come out to play so they go by. Mine are up.

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