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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let Go by Sheila Walsh

I just finished reading " Let Go live free of the burdens all women know" - by Sheila Walsh and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. I would recommend this book if you are feeling burdened by the bad news that is hammered our way daily about the world. According to Sheila our vision is clouded by the heaviness of the past and the stress of the present. She advises learning to let go of these worries and let God prove his love by trusting in his goodness. Sheila wants women to feel free on their faith journey and walk proudly knowing we are all God's creations. If someone worries about their physical looks she suggests "letting go of what we wish was true and learning to accept what is true." There are many examples from Sheila's life that serve to illustrate her message and show God's hand in how things turn out. She offers spiritual quotes from the bible at the beginning of the chapters and probing questions to help women critically think about their decisions. Part self help and part spiritual this if a good read for all people but especially women.

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