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Monday, May 10, 2010

Isaac Newton

Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me a free copy of Isaac Newton in the Christian encounters series. The author, Mitch Stokes, writes about one of Great Britain's scientists and his life. I learned that Isaac always had an insatiable curiousity about the world and an intense dedication to learning about mathematics, physics, optics, alchemy and theology.He truly was a man whose genius shines over the centuries. His fortitude and creativity lead him to create clocks and sundials, kites, and mix ointments in order to become familiar with time, wind and chemistry. He was so organized that his notebooks were indexed and revealed an innate tendancy to try to fit the world of knowledge into an understandable mold. He did this by conducting many experiments.He became a leading authority in mathematics, optics, physics, and astonomy. His treatise "Principia" stands out as one of the most important books in history. He developed the theory of gravity.
Little did I know, Isaac wrote more words about theology than all his other writings. Newton said the goal of his studies was to know God and " give him honour & glory." He believed that through our knowledge of God we worship God. He thought that " it is God's person and his actions that especially command our adorations." Newton struggled with the doctine of the Trinity and only after his death was his position publically examined. Newton said that " the Father and Son were one, but this unity was not a metaphysical unity; rather, it was one of dominion and purpose." He felt that the words of Scripture didn't support the idea.He went on to try to decipher the Bible to struly try to understand God's word.God has vreated our world and Newton wnated to know as much as he could about God's plans. This was a rather short read that opened up a world of discovery for the reader to delve further into Newton's writings. I recommend you read this book.

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