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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dad's Bible

Thomas Nelson let me read and review the "Dad's Bible." What a good Father's Day gift for Dad, Husband or Grandpa. There are notes by Robert Wolgemuth. This Bible offers some advice on how to help Dad's on their Faith Journey. How often do Dad's think about the authority God gives to parents, especially Dads? Modeling Christian behavior and talking to our children about the Bible are just two ways to gain a deeper understanding of our Christian beliefs.Young Father's would find many wonderful insights in this Bible that would help them when their children start asking why? There are also stories of our Biblical Fathers to read. Father's everywhere would enjoy this Bible.This book is a great addition to any families book shelf. I would suggest it for all Dad's.


Amrita said...

Hi Sparkles, Bible for Dad 's sound s good. A father 's influence is long lasting in a child 's life an d what better Father than our heavenly Father.

Tankene said...

Hi Amrtia my husband is still reading his " Dad's Bible' every night. He like it because of the focus on God and men's work emulating God.

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